Happy third birthday to the Essex Lottery!

Happy third birthday to the Essex Lottery!

25 November 2020

Since we launched three years ago over £230,000 has been donated to good causes in the county. This is thanks to the thousands of players who buy a weekly £1 ticket – with 60p of every ticket they purchase going to good causes.


Many of the good causes supported by the Essex Lottery have done great work supporting communities during the lockdown, but at the same time are now struggling due to events being closed by social distancing protocols.


Now is the time to support these charities and good causes by buying tickets for the Essex Lottery. One such charity supported by the Essex Lottery is Dementia Adventure. Based in Ford End, near Chelmsford, this award-winning charity provides people and families affected by dementia with short breaks and offers training, consultancy and support services surrounding dementia.


Kath Vale, Head of Fundraising at Dementia Adventure, said: “Dementia Adventure heard about the lottery through social media.  As an Essex-based charity we thought it would help us let more people know about what we do as well as raise money to help us support more people living with dementia.


“Despite there being a growing need for support, it is a difficult time for many charities.  Lots of fundraising events have been cancelled and it is getting more and more difficult to raise the funds we need to support people. So it is vitally important to find as many different ways to raise money as possible and Essex Lottery is a great way to do this.”


Another charity supported by the Essex Lottery is Hopefield Animal Sanctuary near Brentwood, home to over 500 rescued animals, from horses, pigs, cows and sheep, to more exotic animals including reindeer, meerkats, parrots and reptiles. The sanctuary provides a home for life for animals that have not had the best start in life, many of whom have suffered abuse, neglect and mistreatment.


Sophie Kemp, Office Manager at Hopefield Animal Sanctuary, said: “Joining the lottery has meant that we have a regular flow of donations coming in. This year we've raised nearly £700 already - that's the equivalent of 150 bales of hay! This will keep a lot of our animals fed, especially during the winter months where they're fed more!

“Joining the Essex Lottery is a great way of raising money for your cause, and it's so easy to sign up! There's no catch either - all you do is register your cause, and then away you go. No fees, no contracts, nothing. The team at Essex Lottery are so friendly and helpful as well.”


Hopefield Animal Sanctuary cows, Devon and Jude

Cllr Susan Barker, Essex County Council Cabinet Member for Customer, Corporate, Culture and Communities, said: “For three years the Essex Lottery has grown, more residents than ever are making the choice to buy a weekly ticket and support charities and good causes within Essex. Many thanks to all the players who have supported the lottery from the start.


“The rising number of people who are playing the Essex Lottery each week proves that Essex people want to help. The lottery is making a difference, please sign up and make every penny of your lottery ticket money count!”


Prize draws take place every Saturday night when a 6-digit winning combination is picked. Prizes will be given to players with tickets that match the first or last 2-6 numbers from the winning combination. Match all 6 and you win the £25,000 JACKPOT. 

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Our causes are on track to raise £107,858.40 this year

19.52% Complete

3,457 tickets of our 17,710 ticket goal

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Our causes are on track to raise £107,858.40 this year

19.52% Complete

3,457 tickets of our 17,710 ticket goal