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Your support is making a massive difference to good causes across Essex

We want to thank every supporter for making a big difference to good causes in Essex by playing the Essex lottery each week. Many community groups, local sports clubs, animal rescue centres, charities...

09 July 2020

Essex Lottery and Essex 2020 – working in partnership for a better future

Many organisations are facing challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and it has become clear that collaboration and sharing resources is needed now more than ever. So, Essex 2020 and Essex Lottery ha...

26 June 2020

Colchester Foodbank - supporting the community during COVID19

‘When the Covid-19 pandemic took hold, the Colchester Foodbank (the busiest in Essex) struggled to keep up with demand as two-thirds of volunteers were unable to continue volunteering due to the...

06 May 2020

Witham Town Luncheon Club - a lifeline for the older generation

The winter months can be a lonely and isolating time for the elderly. Witham Town Luncheon Club is open all year round for older people, offering a place that’s safe and friendly – makin...

09 December 2019

South Essex Wildlife Hospital - putting 'life' back into the 'wild'

This winter, we’ll be showcasing some of the fantastic causes already signed up to The Essex Lottery First up we have South Essex Wildlife Hospital . Did you know the hospital treats around 10,...

02 December 2019

Every £1 ticket makes a BIG difference - watch how

Happy Birthday to The Essex Lottery! Today we are two years old – here’s a glimpse of the amazing things that can happen when you buy a £1 lottery ticket. When you sign up to play, y...

25 November 2019

The Friends of Newport Primary School - raising funds for the PTA

At a time when school budgets are really feeling the pinch, more and more Parent Teacher Associations are signing up to the Essex Lottery. The Friends ofNewportPrimary School (Friends) inNewportnear S...

12 November 2019

Saving Mickey Blue Eyes - The Essex Horse and Pony Protection Society

The Essex Horse and Pony Protection Society (EHPPS) has been instrumental in the rescue and rehabilitation of thousands of horses since its foundation in 1984. Its small team makes a big impact, resp...

04 November 2019

Alliance Performance Ensemble - more than just a dance group

How your support is making a difference to the Alliance Performance Ensemble “This is more than just a dance group,” says Rebecca. “We’re like family and for a lot of the team...

21 October 2019

We've had a £2,000 winner!

Have you signed up to play the Essex Lottery yet? If so, you could reap the rewards of a new prize structure bringing more opportunities to win bigger prizes! The introduction of a new prize structure...

24 September 2019

Our causes are on track to raise £105,924.00 this year

14.40% Complete

3,395 tickets of our 23,584 ticket goal