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Alliance Performance Ensemble - more than just a dance group

How your support is making a difference to the Alliance Performance Ensemble “This is more than just a dance group,” says Rebecca. “We’re like family and for a lot of the team...

21 October 2019

We've had a £2,000 winner!

Have you signed up to play the Essex Lottery yet? If so, you could reap the rewards of a new prize structure bringing more opportunities to win bigger prizes! The introduction of a new prize structure...

24 September 2019

How your support is making a difference to the Essex Retired Police Dog Fund

The Essex Retired Police Dogs Fund (ERPDF) was set up in 2012 to provide essential financial assistance to the owners of police dogs that have been retired, whether due to injury, illness or simply o...

23 September 2019

🎉 Exciting changes to our prize structure!🎉

Coming soon - more chances to win cash prizes every week! We are always looking at new ways to make The Essex Lottery even better for our players and supporters. We wanted to let you know about an exc...

15 July 2019

Our causes are on track to raise £106,984.80 this year

19.53% Complete

3,429 tickets of our 17,560 ticket goal